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Lets Get Going!!!

starting a blog is fair easy and can be a great way of getting you views online or sharing knowledge you have about a certain niche. It’s also a  great way of sharing information that you have a passion or interest for. My advice is pick a niche that you have an interest in or a passion for.

I recommend using WordPress, it fairly easy to use and there are many videos online in relation to setting up a website and using the WordPress platform. Purchasing a domain is an important part of setting up your blog, there are sites that offer free domains but i recommend Go Daddy, you can purchase a domain for as a little as 0.99 cents, depending on the domain name it could cost you 9.99 or more.

Hosting is the next thing to get sorted, I recommend Name Cheap, i found hosting platform easy to use and very reasonably priced. they also supply domains if you wanna go with that.

I think it’s a good ideas to watch some videos on Youtube and subscribe to a few channels and educate yourself on the process.It can be all set up in a few hours no problem. 

After you have everything set up and working, you can choose a free theme on WordPress and upload it. The next step to to format your WordPress with categories, pages, and building the format of your blog. 

Here comes the big one!! Content is king, next comes content in the form videos, articles, photos, links, sound clips whatever suit you and the niche you have picked. My goal was to set up the blog with 30 posts. I have done that but i will be adding content in the form of articles every month. i choose to do fitness articles in the blog category section, recipes category and product review category. It’s important that you have good content in your posts and you can also share these posts across social media.

You can also schedule posts if you want to with scheduling software and wordpress, this is helpful and can save you time and you can still have engmengent with your audience.  i fairly new to blogging so i’m just getting used to these software packages but they great pieces of software because they offer a lot of very useful options for bloggers. 

WordPress have a huge amount of free plugin you can use to help collect date from the blog, avoid spamming, analytics just to mention a  few plugins. The amount of software, app’s and plugins on the market now is amazing. 

Writing good articles and researching issues is important that you offer the people viewing your blog something interesting and of value to them.It important to offer great content and address the issues in the niche. 

Picking a niche, some niche are in more demand that other like food, fashion and memes are fairly big niches. Some bloggers really pick a niche in a niche and do really well with traffic so it just depends on what you pick. I would pick something that you like and maybe something you already own or purchase generally.  

After you have the blog ready to go,you can register social media pages and share you content and blog all over social media platforms. The big one of course are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr are also very big now. I would recommend these five platforms, or maybe just a few start with depending on the niche and the amount of time you to spare.

Your blog is a community and way of interacting with the world and sharing experiences and knowledge and experiences so go for it and make it happen!!! Some bloggers are making huge amount of money out of blogs and youtube channels.

There are many way to monetize your blog, like adsense, having  a Youtube channel, affiliate programs and your own products on the blog, and courses also. Youtube has become a massive source of information and content and is a great resource nowadays. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge and guiding people through things step by step. i really enjoy some of the cooking and recipe channel myself as i love cooking and trying new recipes!

There are many Youtube channel with massive views amounts and subscribers and they have fairly simple videos with keywords added in and seo ranking in Google adding to there channel views and subscribers. Depending on your niche Youtube may be a good option to start making videos and publishing them on a daily or weekly basis. 

Get the basics right with the website and blog first and then build on your social media platforms and offer content and see where it takes you. Publishing on social media needs to be done on a regular basis like every Tuesday or Thursday. I recently had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to two successful female bloggers in person .

Sarah Funk, Sarah has a huge following on Youtube and her videos are really good and she share lots of great information and reviews.

Kiki that owns the blonde abroad blog, Kiki has great info for woman travelling and her blog is really well designed and looks great.

Sarah and Kiki are also doing tours now as part of there blog enterprises. Both ladies told me that they love blogging and are making an income doing what they love and are travelling and experiencing different cultures in the process. I would highly recommend checking out there blogs and Youtube channels. There are many options and opportunities in blogging and the internet so go for it!

So there you have it! I hope you find this info useful i ask for any comments to help me improve my blog!

Best of luck in starting your blog!

John Conway

XFitness Blog