Samsung Fit Gear 2 Review

Samsung Fit Gear 2 Review

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Samsung Fit Gear 2 Review

The big question is how good is the Samsung Fit Gear 2? The design is retro and sleek, and comfortable to wear! Samsung stood out to be noticed with the Gear Fit 2. It had all that anyone can ever search for in a wellness tracker: throughout the day fitness measurement, heart rate, GPS, inbuilt music storage, water consumption tracking and sending a push notification or alerts to your Smartphone. The smart device is priced well, fo the amount of kit you get!

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The Samsung Gear Fit 2 is similar to a small-scale fitness smartwatch. There is a selection of the built-in watch faces to pick out from and you could see and reply to notifications from the gear right away. After its release in 2014, numerous alternatives have bounced into the shred, including the Microsoft Band 2 and Fit bit Blaze. Following a two-year break, the Samsung Gear Fit 2 may look the same but there are upgrades at almost every nook, and all of it comes together as a better value integrated system.

The stunning display and design of the Samsung Gear Fit 2 comes with slightly upgraded curved on the screen, and the screen has got a bit wider than the previous version, and as a result, it makes extra space for your social notifications. Samsung also increased the pixel density to 322 PPI which makes the text appear crisp and sharp. The bezel is made thinner so that it looks aesthetic and not bulky. The curved, rectangular screen is encompassed by a metal trim in the shade of your favourite colour and is also sweat and water-resistant. It also encompasses heart rate sensors like the Microsoft one.

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Furthermore, you can also set the power button to execute a combination of tasks with a double-tap. You can also choose different straps as per your liking and comfort. The strap makes the things stay in its place while running which ensures the comfort. The power behind this device is Samsung made a ton of changes to the exterior of Gear Fit 2 which now makes its predecessors look quite terrible. It highlights the same dual-core Exynos 3250 which is clocked at 1.6 GHz far up from the custom M4 processor that kept running at 160 MHz. Gear Fit 2 comes with 512 MB of Ram and 4 GB of inbuilt storage. It runs on Tizen OS and works with any Android Smartphone running Android KitKat or above. Furthermore, it is also compatible with iOS9 and above.

Performance under the hood just like any fitness tracker one of its cool features is that it could send notifications in out of your phone. But sometimes it can do much better than that. From setting the alarm to set how many steps you want to walk today, you can do it all. It can also alert you if you are too lazy for a workout with its enormous range of sensors i.e. heart rate, accelerometer, gauge, and spinner. It can track your running, strolling, lifting, sleeping postures, etc. and with IP68 it is waterproof so don’t worry about sweat or sudden rain.

The smartwatch is a reduced-size version of Samsung gear s2 watch. It has very similar features and notifications, these notifications are really done well. The watch has a 4Gb capacity, so you can upload lots of music onto it, no problem. This is great for your favourite playlists or motivational music to drive you on during workouts! The smartwatch has built GPS, this is handy for measuring distance and pace. It can track your movements and track your speed. When you start running with this watch it starts to track you straight away and starts up a timer. The screen has on outdoor mode built-in and this adjusts brightness and helps you to be able to see the screen.

The smartwatch has built-in heart rate monitor, it has an optical sensor on the back of the watch, this measures heart rate data and this is captured every second. This is a handy feature. The smart device can part with some fitness and cycling apps, it works will with Strava.

The battery will work for about two and a half days or about a 30-minute workout using the GPS function. Turning off the GPS features saves a lot of power and the smartwatch will last 3 full days with the GPS off. This battery results are better than the Microsoft band and Apple watch. The battery life with GPS activated is around 9 hours which is quite impressive. The Fit 2 does is not waterproof, this is a feature the smart device could have done with, waterproof can be great for swimming or just in the shower. You can submerge the Fit 2 in 3 feet of water but showering is a no-no. This is because of the water pressure in the shower can affect the device. The price of the smart device isn’t too bad at 269.99 dollars, when you think about some of the other watches on the market, they are some more expensive.

There is a number of accessories available for this smartwatch, a screen protector is available and changeable silicone bands that are available in a few different colours, this is handy to add of a bit of variety. There are magnetic cable chargers available for the Samsung Sit Gear 2! Ther is a car charger plug available and a cool charm bracket band for women.

Image Credit – Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

This smartwatch offers, fitness on the go if you are stationary for a quite long time, it will beep the timer to notify that. Now for cycling into a new neighbourhood, you don’t have to bring your mobile to keep track of the map – your Gear Fit 2 can do that also for you. You can also set workout target speed, duration, and other parameters and take account of your calories burned per day. Samsung Fitness App can also show you procedures and instruction of different workouts like crunches, lunges, etc. on the screen itself.


The Samsung Gear Fit 2 isn’t simply an enormous improvement over its predecessor however, it redefines what you may expect at this price point. The Gear Fit 2 is available on Amazon, it’s an amazing product So, if you are looking for a smart device that would not only help to keep you fit but would also make you look stylish, grab the Samsung Gear Fit 2 today if you already haven’t. This smartwatch is the way to go, and it offers some great features that some other watches just don’t have, and with some accessories, it’s a must-have. We hope you find this product review article of the Samsung Fit Gear 2 useful.



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