Nutritional Value Of Carrots

Nutritional Value Of Carrots

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Nutritional Value Of Carrots

Carrots have many good properties. Studies and some researchers discovered that these vegetables have many benefits not just for the eyes. These vegetables contain compounds that fight off diseases like certain cancers, they help the body to lower cholesterol, and protect against heart attacks. The great nutritional value of carrots comes from a substance that helps to give these vegetables its bright orange colour from. The nutritional value of carrots is excellent because of the compound beta-carotene, this is a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight off free radicals. A relatively small cup of these orange vegetables will boost the body up with 250 per cent of the daily amount of beta-carotene that is recommended by health experts. Research conducted at the women’s hospital in Boston USA, discovered that women who eat 5 portions of raw carrots per week, had a staggering 54 per cent lower the chance of developing ovarian cancer because of the carotene levels in this super little vegetable. A second study conducted in Sweden which involved 61,000 women discovered that women who eat carrots 4 to 6 times per week, cut the risk of developing kidney cancer by a massive 54%, that is amazing news.

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Some other research studies discovered that people with low levels of beta-carotene had a higher chance of getting cancers and stomach and lung cancers especially. The nutritional value of carrots plays a huge role in the flighting of diseases. Eating carrots is not only tasty its hugely good for health. Basically what good for the body, is also good for the heart. This has been proven that eating these small orange vegetables in big amounts reduces the risk of deadly heart disease, “A half-cup serving of cooked carrots contains 12 milligrams of beta-carotene, about twice the amount you need to get the benefits,” says Paul Lachance, PhD, executive director of the Nutraceuticals Institute at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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Another study in Germany found that consuming these vegetables that are rich in carotene has benefits on blood levels on a compound that can cause the awful cardiovascular disease, this compound is a c-reactive protein or (CRP). This study in german y invoicing men, found that eating high content carotene foods, the study discovered that this reduced the CRP amounts by a whopping 42%!!! These vegetables contain alpha-carotene which helpt to fight of deadly cancer. A study at the National Cancer Institute discovered that certain lung cancers affected men with small levels of alpha-carotene, this shows the nutritional value of carrots to be very important in males.

Beta carotene helps with better vision, it transforms Vitamin A and helps to increase vision. The better vision effect was used in World War Two when aircraft pilots carrots to help improve their vision for flying at night time. Eating carrots improves levels of vitamin A, forming purple pigments that the eye requires, this helps our eyes to see in dull light. This pigment is called rhodopsin and its in good amounts in carrots. Eating these vegetables will boost your vitamin A levels, which help to flight off night blindness, some people will low levels of Vitamin A find it hard to drive after dark. Besides the fact of improving your sight, the nutritional value of carrots is known to protect your vision also. A research study in Boston found at the Brigham Women’s hospital discover eating carrots and food with high levels of carotenoid helped decrease the risk of suffering from severe vision loss in elderly people.

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When shopping for this great little orange vegetables, look for bright coloured veggies with bright pigments. Eating carrots raw is a great way of boosting the body with the good stuff. Its widely know that eating raw vegetables is sometimes better than eating cooked vegetables because cooking vegetables can take some of the minerals and vitamins out of the cooking process. Eating carrots will boost your amounts of fibre. It has been found that these vegetables do benefit from some cooking because carrots have a lot of fibre, around 2 grams per small orange vegetable which helps to trap beta-carotene. Cooking these veggies helps the beta carotene with fibre cells, which make it easier for the body to absorb these compounds. The nutritional value of carrots has fibre boosting capacity, and cooking these veggies slightly in a sauce or soup will help to release the magic beta-carotene. Fresh juice drinks are another way to benefit from the nutritional value of carrots, or smoothies are great with some fruit and veggies, and they can be made so quickly. These little orange vegetables are low in calories, with the average size containing around 40 calories and are almost 90% water.

They contain proteins and carbs and some sugars. These superfood vegetables contain lutein, this is an antioxidant is in orange coloured and yellow carrots, this compound is important for good vision. The nutritional value of carrots is known to have the benefits of Polyacetylenes, a compound that helps to fight off cancer cells in the body and the dealy leukaemia. Eating these orange veggies help to fight off degenerative diseases. The different health benefits of eating organic vs normal grown is interesting, studies have found that there is not much difference between organic and normally grown. The vitamin and nutrient values are almost the same in these type of carrots. Baby carrots have become popular in recent years in supermarkets and they are a great tasty snack. They don’t really have any more positive effects on the body that normal larger carrots have.

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Some people can be affected by carrot allegories which are pollen-based allergies. This allergy can cause a tingle in the mouth or an itch or even sweating of the throat area. Some people can suffer from severe allergic shocks but this is rare. The nutritional value of carrots is known to have benefits of boosting vitamin intake, eating these veggies will boost levels of vitamins. They contain Omega 6 and some fats and fibre. This super little vegetables contain saturated fats and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. An amazing facts about these orange vegetables is that they are believed to be first grown in Afghanistan as far back as 900 AD. Carrots come in different colours, yellow, red, white and even purple. This superfood orange coloured vegetable has good benefits for your hair, making your hair stronger and shiners and thicker.

Eating carrots will make your skin look healthier and brighten up your skin. You can prevent wrinkle by eating these little vegetables, vitamin a is known to have elastic benefits and help to develop toned and firmer-looking skin. The nutrition value of carrots benefits from teeth protecting benefits. Amazingly chewing some raw carrots can help to cleanse the mouth and boost plaque flighting property keratin. If you suffer from dry skin, because the nutritional value of carrots containing potassium, they will help you keep the body and your skin hydrated. There are a number of carrot-based creams on the market for skincare. Eating these vegetables helps with skin blemishes and have positive effects on scars. These superfoods protect the skin from the sun, repairing skin tissues and helping to reduce the effect of radiation on the skin. If you have oily skin thee little orange vegetables will help reduce oily due to the high levels of vitamin A.

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These supper little orange veggies contain mineral copper, calcium and manganese and phosphorus. Manganese is an important mineral for our bones and it has biochemical and physiological benefits. Cooper is important blood cells, the body needs copper to use iron and copper is important in immune system health and good healthy bones. Copper is important for brain development, so al in all eating carrots has huge health effects and the nutritional value of carrots is very positive. These vegetables are good raw or boiled or even roasted with some garlic and a touch of olive oil. They can be juiced and the juice is tasty. They can be put into smoothies or soups or stews. A healthy treat is instead of making potato wedges, make carrot wedges, they are lower in calories and in my view tastier than potatoes wedges! Give them a try, if you are looking for some nice recipes to help you with your calories count, see our recipes page here.

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