How much exercise do you need to do to burn calories?

How much exercise do you need to do to burn calories?

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How much exercise do you need to do burn calories?

The simple answer is it depends on the type of exercise you are doing and the amount of time you are exercising for!!

A good starting plan is three to four hours of exercise per week starting off and build it up, do some weight training, or purchase dumbbells or maybe join a gym or buy a bicycle and cycle every day, cycle to work and leave your car at home and invest in fitness products. I recommend Google Play Store to download a fitness app on your smartphone and track your daily steps, distance covered, and calories burnt. There are many free fitness apps on the Google Play Store. Making the decision to lose weight and get fit can be a challenge and you may find it hard at the start, and you will have to have the drive to continue with your plan. The average man needs about 2,500 kcal and the average woman needs about 2,000 kcal per day to maintain their body weight, these figures depend on health factors like metabolism, age and even profession, some people do a lot of daily activity as part of their job. Getting active is important to burn calories, eating the correct foods and cutting fatty foods and drinks are important to maintain a good calorie count.

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Burning Calories

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The hard truth is losing weight is about getting active and having a plan and building muscle can have huge advantages and exercise daily. Buying your own fitness products can be a valuable assets to the determined fitness fanatic. It’s always good to set yourself goals and increase daily activity, start with maybe a 30 or 40-minute walk each day.

Burning calories totalling 500 a day would require walking at a speed of 4.5 mph for one and half hours, this is maybe too much to start off with; a 30-minute brisk walk will burn about 200 calories.

Volleyball Excercises Workout –

Playing volleyball for about 50 minutes will help to reach your fitness goals.  A good opinion is to start playing sports, start playing soccer with a local club or team, people weighing 185 pounds will shed 310 calories playing soccer for 30 minutes, most matches least 90 minutes so you could shed a large number of calories during a game, and then there are the weekly training sessions with the team to prepare for big matches!!! Burn those energy units!!!! 

Start playing tennis as part of your weight loss plan is a way of getting active and also can build muscle. A one-hour tennis match of singles can shed up to 411 calories, this is very good for your calorie count and can be mixed into a weight loss plan with walking or jogging daily depending on your goals.

playing tennis to burn calories

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Running –

Running is great exercise, a 140-pound person will burn calories totalling 315 in a 30-minute jog, and this can be easily fitted into your daily plan. Running on a treadmill at home can be excellent for your calorie count. Purchasing a treadmill can be very valuable to your health and well being and it’s a great way to exercise daily even when the weather is bad. You can be guaranteed a daily workout with your own treadmill at home, purchasing a treadmill can have huge advantages when trying to burn calories. Sometimes the weather can hold you back but having your own exercise equipment can make it easier to exercise daily. A person that weighs 130 pounds will shed a whopping 2,224 energy units running a marathon and a person weighing 210 pounds will shed 3,593 calories throughout a marathon.

Burning calories while doing a triathlon is off the scale, the iron man athletes shed from 7,000 to 10,000 energy units. Experienced top-level fitness competitors need a large amount of calories to finish a triathlon and a triathlon pushes your fitness level to the max and can be very challenging.

Resistance Bands –

Using resistance bands can help you burn calories also and build muscle. Exercising with resistance bands for 30 minutes will burn about 150 energy units in a woman weighing 125 pounds. Sets of resistance bands can be purchased online and are very inexpensive and are very handy and portable. You can easily take them to work with you or put a set into your workout gear bag. They offer multiple exercise opinions and you can work out for short periods to burn more calories and build muscle.

Rowing is a great way of exercising, a 1000 meter workout on a rowing machine by a person weighing 240 pounds will shed 654 energy units, and this is an effective workout. Rowing machines can be a good buy for people building a home gym or workout room in there house or apartment. A one-hour vigorous workout by a 240-pound man rowing will melt 795 calories. Get Rowing!!!!

Rowing to burn calories

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Cycling Workout –

Cycling will burn lots of calories, the average person depending on weight, sex and age can burn calories totalling of between 450 to 750 in a one-hour workout. Cycling can be a great way of travelling to and from work, saving money on petrol or diesel and doing your bit for the environment. A 30-minute session on an exercise bike, with a person weighing 145 pounds will burn 231 to 374 calories depending on whether you cycle moderately or a bit more vigorously. An exercise bike is a must-have for the home gym!!!!

Swimming is a great way to exercise and you use multiple muscles while swimming, it’s great for the heart and lungs and can you can shed 300 energy units in a 30-minute swim. The breaststroke style of swimming for 30 minutes will burn 367 energy units. A fast front crawl style swim workout for 45 minutes will burn calories totalling 606. Swimming for one hour in the front crawl style will burn 808 energy units, which is a very good workout. Water sports are also a great way to exercise.

Surfing rocks and helps you burn calories, a 130-pound person will shed 180 calories surfing for one hour, a 175-pound person will shed 240 energy units in one hour. Surfing is great fun and also great exercise and can be a great way to get active and get into the outdoors.

surfing to burn energy unit

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Working out in the gym is a must and building more muscle can increase your metabolism speed and calorie burning per weight ratios. The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns at rest periods. Building muscle can be very effective for women and weight training can help women shed weight quite easily. An average person will burn calories totalling 240 to 355 in one hour depending on the gym machines they are using. Weight training for 30 minutes will burn 90 to 135 energy units and help to build more muscle and strength. See out fitness review page on Best Fitness Products On Amazon under 50 dollars here.

Cross Trainer –

Get on that cross trainer, jumping onto the cross trainer for 30 minutes can be great for burning calories, a 155-pound person will shed 260 calories in 30 minutes. Cross trainers can be great for a home gym and offer the benefits of muscle-building exercises also. One hour on the cross trainer is a healthy workout and muscle building exercise, A cross trainer is truly a great fitness product!!!

Take up golf!! Playing a round of golf is a great way of exercising and a 190-pound man playing an 18 hole round will burn around 431 energy units, this is a nice amount of calories and can be implemented into your workout plan on a weekly basis, if you fit in two rounds of 18 holes, you have a great workout done while enjoying getting a birdie or two on the golf course!!

playing golf to burn calories

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Rugby is a high tempo sport and a 30-minute session will burn calories totalling 362 and a 60-minute match will burn 725 energy units, not bad at all. It’s time to consider joining the local rugby club and going for it!!!!

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