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If you are a fitness lover or want to lose weight fast, you must have come across the 1000 calorie workout on the Internet. It’s an intense exercise routine that claims to burn 1000 calories in an hour. This article is about 8 workouts that burn 1000 calories.

But as for the Instagram vs Reality guys, the actual number of Burn Calories burned is actually quite different from the “plan” itself. In addition, trying to burn as many calories can put you at risk of hurting yourself and gaining weight instead of losing it!

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When trying to lose weight, you may not be ready to go to the gym. Or maybe you like going to the gym, but you cannot do it today because of the swarm of grasshoppers outside your home. This does not mean that you should sit down and do nothing. However, these workouts can be done in the comfort of your home without the use of equipment. That does not mean it will be easy. This should be self-evident, but if you are not physically conditioned to complete this training in one sitting, you should not try it. Please, for your health and mental health. Build it with a lighter workout. If you try this training and feel light-headed, stop immediately. There is always tomorrow.

Do you really want to sweat at the gym? There is a new mutant breed of HIIT extreme full-body classes that accelerate burning calories long after your last squat.

As kind people, we have all been sweating in the name of investigative journalism, to provide you with a list of our eight favourites. And if you’re not a sports lover, do not worry: all sneakers have a signature so you can enjoy the benefits of your bedroom, or at a park, or a gym. Maybe on the bus, if that’s your thing.

You need to develop a strategy for your 1,000-calorie workout to get the most out of this program. Here’s what you need to know to burn 1000 calories a day. We have also included the best exercises that will help you do that. Let’s start! ‘

Burning 1,000 calories per hour is a dream come true. Or maybe too good to be true! Because doing intense cardio or weight training for one hour each day can triple your hunger, and you will end up consuming a lot more food, which will result in weight gain. So, you must be ready for what you are doing. Here’s the 1,000-calorie workout checklist that you should keep in mind before you enter it.


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High-intensity workouts have more impact on burning more calories in a short time. Moderate or low-intensity workouts burn fewer calories. For example, walk and run. In 20 minutes of running, you will burn more calories than if you walked for the same duration.

However, you should also enjoy your workout and be able to continue it. If you do a high-intensity workout that you cannot continue beyond a day, it will not help. So, instead of looking at your bodybuilding group to find out how many calories you have burned, you should also consider your level of training satisfaction.


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Any form of exercise – Yoga, swimming, sprinting or weight training – requires you to rest, even if it’s for 10 seconds. When you rest between exercises, it means you’re not working for 60 minutes, right? So, if you want to burn 1000 calories, you have to train for at least 90 minutes.


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Now, it’s the big design inequality! Men are generally more muscular than women and tend to burn more calories quickly. This is because the muscles are where you find a lot of mitochondria – the cellular organelles that help convert glucose into usable energy.


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If you are lucky enough to have good genes, you probably will not have to train for long to burn 1000 calories. To be more specific, have you noticed how a person can lose weight in 2 weeks when you have trouble losing an inch of fat even after 4 weeks? Burning 1,000 calories a day can be a bit difficult for you, but do not give up.

Current weight

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The current weight and body composition matter to lose weight and Burn Calories. Body composition is the amount of fat, muscle, bone and water you have in your body. You can weigh 120 pounds and be muscular. And if you are muscular, you will tend to burn more calories in a short time. But not if your body fat percentage is higher.


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Ageing is a scientific process, and since your DNA undergoes changes, your body is bound to show signs of ageing. One of the signs is the inability to lose weight and quickly develop muscles. That’s why, as you get older, it’s hard to get rid of that bastard who was not even there when you were younger. In addition, building muscle or toning your body takes twice the effort and time.

 So, keeping these factors in mind, do the following Workouts to burn 1000 calories in 90-120 minutes.

Top 8 exercises that burn 1000 calories


HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is a form of anaerobic cardio. You will do a high-intensity exercise for a short time and then rest for a few seconds. Repeat. HIIT helps you Burn Calories long after you leave the gym, so this exercise is so effective. Below you will find a list of some HIIT exercises you can do. However, if you want to know our 15 best choices, click here.

 (i) Jumping rope

Jumping rope is like running, at least when it comes to giving you a high and helping you meditate while you exercise. You will burn between 750-1047 calories per hour or, say, every 90-120 minutes (with breaks between the two). Make sure you’re doing high-intensity rope jumping.

(ii) Board jumps and jacks

Jacks and combo jacks combine to create an incredible full body and body workout that will help you burn about 600 to 1,000 calories per hour. Make 40 puppets and, without resting, dive into a plank pose. Hop, lift your toes off the floor and place them shoulder-width apart. Jump again and bring your feet back to the previous place. Do these 15 times before taking a 10-second break.

(iii) Burpees

HIIT is incomplete without burpees. This whole-body strengthening exercise is a form of cardio and does not require weight. All you have to do is jump, land gently, bend your knees and sit down, place your fingers on the ground, jump and push back your legs. Hop and come back to the sitting pose then jump again. You will burn about 740-1000 calories by 90-120 minutes.

 (iv) Crunches And Sit-ups

Fed up with this belly fat? Then you have to crack and do sit-ups. You will burn about 600-900 calories if you mix crunches and sit-ups. There are many variations of crunches and crunches (straightened straightening, straightened straightening, bicycle crunch, etc.) that you can do to target various other muscles in the body and keep your exercise steady.

(v) Squats and slots

Squats and lunges are great for burning calories and toning the lower body. But adding jumps to these exercises can make all the difference. You’ll burn about 700 to 900 calories by mixing jumps and jumps for about 120 minutes, with a one-minute break after each set. One set would consist of 20 squat jump representatives and 20 jump jumper representatives.

(vi) High knees

Another big HIIT to burn about 700-900 calories in 90-120 minutes with a break of one minute after a series of 40 repetitions is the knees high. Of course, you will feel the burning in your quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes. This intense cardio will also help you get rid of belly fat and improve your lung and heart health.

(vii) Biking

Biking is an exercise that can help burn 1000 calories in one sitting. The Burn calories on bike differ when you drive a bike or outdoors. It also depends on the intensity and the terrain. If you pedal at a speed of 25 km / h for 70 to 90 minutes, you will burn about 1,000 calories.

(viii) Running

Running at 6 mph for an hour can help you burn about 700-800 calories. However, if you mix it with 10-second sprints at 13-14 mph, you will be able to Burn calories running about 1000 calories in an hour. Run in different directions and on a slope to Burn Calories faster.


Swimming is an excellent full-body exercise. It works on almost all muscles and is therefore very exhausting. However, you can burn 1000 calories in about 90 to 120 minutes with a minute of rest every 10 rounds. Practice various movements to improve your swimming skills and you will lose weight like tree leaves in winter!


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Do you like to play sports? Well! Because playing in the field three times a week can have a positive impact on the health of your heart, lungs, bones, muscles and cognitive functions. To burn about 1000 calories, you can play hockey or basketball, which requires coordination of the upper and lower body. You will Burn Calories, enjoy it, without even realizing that you have used all the energy you have consumed to feed you.


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If swimming is your thing and you like to see the underwater world, opt for scuba diving. You will burn about 800 to 900 calories in one hour and 15 minutes, with breaks in between. Try this fun and adventurous activity that will help you take shape.

These exercises will help you burn 1000 calories. However, the problem is that doing squats or lunges for an hour can be very boring. And that’s why you may need the following example training chart, consisting of 1,000 calories.

  • HEAT

The effects of this drug: HEAT stands for High Energy Athletic Training. Each one-hour class is composed of four main exercises – agility, speed, power and endurance – combined with structured rest periods (even if they are quite short). They also incorporate non-motorized treadmills that mimic dynamic movements such as sledge thrust, footwork and sprint and allow you to work even harder. Because you know that you did not work hard enough before.

1. Attach the Ankorr harness to the training wall and to yourself (if you do it at home, do it without a harness), then move forward five meters.

 2. Ride five meters back: this will work your upper body as you pass between your shoulders and arms to reach your starting point. The harness will provide extra resistance to your movements, improving agility, strength and power. be damn tough. This exercise should be done for three sets, for a total of 30 meters.

  •  SHRED

What it does: A combination of lifting combined – think squats, clean and press, and stored with dumbbells (you control the weight) combined with HIIT training rounds, designed to Burn Calories and fat while developing your muscles. Think Body Pump, but turbo-charged!

1. Begin stood on bench/aerobics .

2. Jump off the bench as high as possible and bring your knees up, ideally at the waist.

3. Place your feet slightly beyond shoulder width and sit in a deep squat, calves at right angles to your quads.

4. Stand up and run to the back of the walk, repeat the operation.


What it does: The regular circuit class uses a TRX workout, kettlebells and weight exercises, and continues to Burn Calories for hours after class. Luke Barnsley, the personal trainer, explains: “When you put difficult movements at a high pace, with little rest, you force your body into an anaerobic environment (without oxygen), it creates what is called a” debt in “your body will pay for it well after the end of the course.” Translation: your red post-exercise face will probably last three hours, but on the plus side: you can practically eat as much pizza as you want after, because you burn it completely by making fun of yourself and not in real life. science. But in our heads – totally true.

1. Squat down and take the medicinal balloon (ideally 6 to 10 kg) or sandbag, lift it well above your head, then hit it hard on the ground.

 2. When you are there, raise your legs and make your best burpee. 

3. Jump back, pick up the ball and repeat. Do this continuously for a minute.


 Its effect: Each circuit includes seven Speedflex machines that respond and automatically create resistance levels based on the strength of the individual. This allows users of all levels to train together at their own pace without the risk of injury. As a result, people may have little or no post-exercise fatigue or muscle aches. Yes – you read that right – no pain the next morning!

1. Using a set of dumbbells, make sure your feet are wide of the hips and hold your dumbbells on your shoulders, elbows up.

2. Go in a squatting position, making sure your back is straight and lower the body until your hips are below your knees.

3. Once in a squatting position, stand upright while crossing the hips. When you arrive in a standing position, lift the dumbbells over your head.


Q. Will I lose weight if I burn 1000 calories a day?

  1. Yes, you will lose fat and build muscle if you burn 1000 calories. However, you should also keep your nutrition in mind. If you eat double or triple the amount you are supposed to eat, you will gain weight instead of losing it. In addition, muscle mass weighs more than fat. So if you start to become muscular, it can also make you gain weight – but it’s a good weight to take.

Q. How much do I have to walk to burn 1000 calories a day?

You have to walk about 120 minutes at 6 mph to burn 1000 calories a day.

Q. How far do I have to run to burn 1000 calories?

It depends on your speed and the number of times you rest. Running continuously at 8 mph for an hour will burn 1000 calories, and running and sprinting continuously for 45 minutes can burn 1000 calories.

Q, Is it good to burn 1000 calories a week?

If you want to lose weight, burning 1000 calories a week is too low. In one day, you can burn a minimum of 300 to 400 calories. Thus, you will burn about 3,500 calories a week if you train 5 days a week. Try to burn at least 4,000 calories a week if you want to get results fast.

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