From the office to the gym, these are the best smart Fitness Watches for fitness. The best fitness watch you can hit on the wrist today is the Apple Watch Series 4. We came to the conclusion after testing dozens of Fitness Watches and fitness trackers – the latest Apple Watch is the one of the few wearables to receive a perfect score in our review; it’s so complete.

“The best equipment is the one you will actually use”. This saying applies nowhere more than with your fitness monitor, which you must wear continuously to monitor your pace, heart rate and speed. quality of sleep. The benefits of studying can be mixed, but Fitness Watches have more battery life, better software, and more stylish designs than ever before. We hope this guide will help you find a fitness tracking program that will not collect dust in your garbage drawer.

Although smart watches have existed for a very long time, their incursion into the mainstream is only recent. With companies such as Samsung, Apple, Asus, Huawei and many others, working day and night to improve Fitness Watch and make the experience even more enjoyable.

 In the middle of all this, there is the consumer mentality that still believes that traditional analog watches are much better, much better because they are designed with great precision, as well as perfection. This has led to many debates on the fact that Fitness Watches should not exist or are considered a scourge of the concept of wristwatch.

Nevertheless, for people who really prefer that their Fitness Watch display all the necessary information that arrives on their phone, all related to an ecosystem consider smart watches to be very useful, and following this on the market, the sector of smart watches is creating a separate environment. entity for itself.

But there are other great options, from Fitbits to Garmins, especially because the Apple Watch only works with people who own an iPhone. We have gathered here several garment technologies that combine the world of smartwatches and fitness trackers, if you are someone who wants something from both worlds. You can check out our guide to the best fitness trackers on amazon if you want to focus on a portable clothing for the gym or read our guide to the best Fitness Watches if fitness is not a major concern.


The best apple watch face series 4 face liquid metal design

Why buy this: This is the best-selling watch in the world and is full of features.

 Apple Watch Series 4

Who: Users looking for a smartwatch with many fitness-oriented components.

Why we chose the Apple Watch Series 4

If you’re looking for the king of smartwatches, you want the Apple Watch Series 4. When the Apple Watch debuted, it was touted as a way to potentially replace your smartphone and even though it’s not yet quite there, power under his pretty square watch. The curved glass is complemented by a bright and beautiful screen, while the Digital Crown seamlessly turns between messages, notifications and applications.

 Apple’s latest flagship product features WatchOS 5, which offers more formatting features than any previous version. A complete system, it does not skimp on basics such as step counting, calorie counting and heart rate monitoring. He adds in an electrocardiogram that measures the electrical activity of a heartbeat to help diagnose heart disease and similar conditions. There is also a new competition mode for competition with friends and additional fitness modes that support yoga and hiking.

 The Apple Series 4 watch is also waterproof up to 50 meters, while a barometric altimeter records changes in altitude, coveted feature of hikers and mountaineers. This amazing package is complemented by travel reminders, while its 18 hours of battery life are enough to get you through a day or two of training before recharging your batteries. The biggest disadvantage is that the Apple Watch only works with iPhones.


Why buy this: This is the smartest watch for the most stylish fitness ever.

For whom: Fitness enthusiasts who want something that looks as good as it looks.

Why we chose the Fitbit Versa

The Versa not only relies on the name Fitbit – the reigning giant in the fitness trackers sector – but it’s also an elegant upgrade to its more masculine-looking Ionic. Comfortable and lightweight, women will particularly appreciate the “squircle” design and a smaller band, which will make it look nicer with thinner wrists – it will pair well with other accessories worn on the wrist.

 Its included exercise app lets you choose between running, swimming, cycling, weight training, interval training, the treadmill or a full body workout. For other sports, the Fitbit companion app offers many workouts to download and sync with the smartwatch. With Versa, you can easily track your heart rate, distance traveled, time, calories and steps. It even offers guided breathing sessions, follow-up rules for women and sleep monitoring to keep you informed outside the gym. With Fitbit Coach, Versa allows you to use your personal trainer and feed you through guided workout routines.

The Versa offers a battery life of more than four days, the industry standard for the most modern and comprehensive fitness tracking. The only drawback is its lack of GPS, which means that you have to take your smartphone to be able to accurately follow the distances.


Why should you buy this: Onboard music and GPS allow you to leave your phone at home?

For whom: Fitness enthusiasts who cannot do sports without their favorite music.

Why we chose the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 645 is capable of storing up to 500 songs and easily syncs with some streaming music streaming services, including Spotify. Although the price of the device is high, it offers a powerful punch. Garmin packed the Forerunner 645 Music with sensors including a real-time compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer, barometric altimeter and Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor. During our time with the notebook, we found that he always got an accurate reading of the heart rate with the strap attached less tightly to the wrist than other models, such as the Fitbit Ionic.

 Although Garmin has not adopted a touch screen like its competitors Apple and Fitbit, its five buttons around the dial of the watch are still easy to use. A traditional circular face will appeal to many people and its 1.2 inch diameter is perfect for small or large wrists. The Forerunner 645 is particularly useful for runners because of stride length, cadence, vertical ratio, ground contact time, and scale readings.

 Its companion Garmin Connect app makes it easy to collect and use all your fitness data, while also offering a Challenge tab that lets you create challenges with your friends. Its best asset is perhaps the integrated GPS, which means you will not have to carry a large smartphone. With a battery life of seven days or five days with music and GPS, there is nothing wrong with the Forerunner 645 Music.


Why buy this: It is designed for outdoor enthusiasts with the most accurate and detailed GPS mapping to date.

 For whom: Sports enthusiasts who like to exercise outdoors.

Why we chose the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus

Its larger size may not appeal to everyone, but the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus never lacks features or functionality. The improved screen resolution of the Fenix allows you to create an easy-to-read face, which is useful for reading the color topographic maps included in the watch.

 What’s really impressive is the technology under the hood. Garmin includes profiles for a wide variety of sports, including running, cycling and swimming, as well as snowboarding, skiing, rowing and golf. The unit is filled with sensors, including a barometric altimeter, a temperature sensor and even a pulse oximeter for altitude acclimation. Pairing Fenix with a smartphone allows you to experience standard smartwatch features, such as viewing notifications and text messages.

The Garmin Fenix 5X Plus stands out with its navigation capabilities highlighted by color GPS topographic mapping directly from your wrist. It allows you to view roads, lakes, trails and mountains, as well as the ability to search for local points of interest such as restaurants, shops and gas stations.

For runners, this means having access to instant creation of round-trip routes. When you go mountain biking, hiking or kayaking, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again, even in places without cell phone service. Add to that nearly two weeks of battery life and rugged design, and you get a smart watch designed for the outdoors, which is well worth the price.


Why buy this: it’s a quality smart watch with exceptional battery life.

 For whom: Outdoor enthusiasts who run or walk long distances.

Why we chose the Suunto 9 Baro

 The main characteristic of Suunto 9 is its autonomy and its management tools. In Ultra mode, you can count on a battery life of almost 120 hours. The watch also features a smart battery mode that uses your exercise history to monitor the battery life, so you never run out of juice in the middle of a workout. When you start an exercise, the watch will calculate how much battery you have left and monitor it as soon as it starts to run out. If it detects that you run out of juice, the watch will prompt you to switch to low power mode so that you can record all your activity.

 The Suunto Baro 9 features a circular dial with a touch screen for easy navigation and robust styling, but not too sturdy. Suunto has designed the 9 Baro for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports, including running, swimming, cycling, fitness training, hiking and more. During these activities, the watch will measure your pace, pace, distance, altitude and more. It also monitors your sleep and syncs all that data to the Suunto app, so you can stay informed every day of the week.


Why buy this: This is an affordable smart watch, with excellent battery life and good fitness monitoring.

 For whom: Sports fans who want a watch dedicated to running, swimming and cycling.

Why we chose Coros Pace

 The Coros Pace is one of the cheapest smartwatch options on this list, but it has a lot to offer in terms of fitness features. The circular dial of the watch displays all the information you need and does not overload you with fluff. The battery life is exceptional, allowing you to charge the watch once every seven to ten days when you exercise regularly and almost a month if you only use it for its smartwatch functions.

 Coros designed the Pace for triathlon training so that it only supports running, cycling and swimming. What he follows, he follows precisely so you can analyze the pace, cadence, heart rate zones, fitness level and the overall effect of each activity on the workout. You can monitor each activity individually or use the dedicated triathlon mode to track all three activities in one sitting. He is able to follow your sleep as well as your training load so that you can improve your shape without doing too much.

 With the Pace, Coros has developed a high quality product to compete with the biggest brands. At this price, he is certainly up to it. The only missing feature is navigation. If you want to be able to pre-load routes and follow the breadcrumb trail to your destination, you should look into Corex Apex, which presents the main features of the Pace with the addition of navigation in the breadcrumb.


Withings recently bought back its brand from Nokia and launched new fitness trackers that offer its combination of simplicity, affordability and beautiful appearance. The Move is his most affordable watch. We were also impressed by the ECG Move at CES, which can take an electrocardiogram at any time. Steel HR is always fantastic. It can receive phone notifications, check your heart rate and record one of nearly 40 activities with the GPS connected. It stays connected to the simple and easy-to-use Nokia Health Mate app, which can control your sleep or assess your fitness level by estimating your maximum oxygen consumption. However, the tiny digital screen is a little hard to read in the sunlight and its manipulation with the single-sided button is boring.



Google manufactures the Android operating system in most smartphones and its spin-off WearOS powers this watch. Our critic Brian Barrett spent his own money on the Fossil Sport Smartwatch. Is there a higher recommendation? Until Google makes a Pixel watch, it’s the best WearOS watch you can buy right now, as Google recently spent $ 40 million to acquire Fossil’s intellectual property, the smartwatch. , as well as some engineers. It combines the attractive and solidly constructed hardware of Fossil with a Qualcomm 3100 processor. However, there are sometimes problems, and Google Fit does not monitor swimming.



Garmin manufactures the most accurate GPS Fitness Watches Our editor, Nick Thompson, prefers the Forerunner 935, but as I’m spoiled, I love the Forerunner 645 Music. It is small, lightweight and waterproof, with a sun-readable display and navigable via a five-button system. In addition to giving you recommendations on rest and recovery time, he can measure your stride length and estimate your time for a 5K, half marathon or marathon. It also offers contactless payments for cases where you just need a burrito on a run of 20 miles and can store 500 songs.


If you currently own a luxurious Samsung Galaxy S10 phone or if you feel like it, you might want the Galaxy Watch Active .Our critic Lauren Goode loved it. It’s light, attractive and half as expensive as the Apple Watch. It resists dust and water, has built-in GPS, continuous heart rate monitoring and happy notifications when you reach your fitness goals. You can even use your Samsung phone to recharge it with the Magic Power Share feature! Apart from some big names such as Spotify and Strava, there are not many high-quality applications on the Samsung market, but the built-in apps work well.

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