Finding time for a workout can often be a daunting task. For your convenience, set up your Home Workout with the best Home Gym equipment to minimize the most well-meaning excuses! You do not have to spend a lot of money to be fit at home. With a minimal budget and some floor space, you can install a basic Home Gym and bring fitness to your home.

You want to train more often, but you do not want to shell out for a gym membership or expensive fitness classes? No more excuses! These essentials will help you to work at home. No subscription to a fitness center is required.

Ironically, Home Gym equipment is becoming more popular, as more and more gyms open on the main street. Whether it’s because people want to continue to play sports when they go home, or they try out at the gym and decide not to endure the relentless techno music, machines that people do not clean up after use and who intimidates the locker room.

Our recommendations for advanced machinery and machines are based on years of testing in many categories of our laboratories and home-based consumers. For us, defining good equipment is easy to use, powerful, reliable and safe.


There are some important reasons why, in spite of their irritation, most of us continue to pay for our direct debits and go back to the tourniquets of our local health clubs. Because working at home means investing thousands of people in a fully equipped Home Gym or coping with a very limited selection of kits. Doing the same exercises each Home Workout

 Could improve your fitness, but you could get bored and quit.

But there’s another way: choose a variety of low-cost gym equipment to get everything you need for a fun and varied workout.

Fortunately, developers and inventors of applications have worked hard to come up with solutions that promise to break free from the walls of the gym, combining Home Workout and entertainment. And best of all, they promise more for your money than giving up for a gym membership that you barely use.

But how do you choose in what to invest? We suggest that you look for a kit that will hold your attention because working at home requires a little desire. It is also advisable to build a selection of equipment that will allow you to get a balanced Home Workout, such as balancing push and pull exercises, upper and lower body exercises, cardio and resistance.

From the tried-and-tested, state-of-the-art test, we have collected some essential gadgets that could free you from the gym without breaking the bank or taking up a lot of space.

  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

 There is nothing stupid in these weights that combines 15 sets of weight into one piece of equipment. You can adjust the weight from 5 to 52.5 pounds without any extra components, and in increments of 2.5 pounds from 5 to 25 pounds.

 Simply turn the knob at the end to easily alternate the weight, for example for heavier slots and lighter loops. This set is ideal for keeping the designated space of organized Home Gym without clutter.

  • Amazonbasics Neoprene Dumbbells

 If you want to take resistance training at home, it will be difficult to find a better value for money than these neoprene dumbbells from AmazonBasics. You can opt for a set of 2 from 1 to 20 pounds or opt for a set of weights of 2, 3 and 5 lbs. Check out the workout prepared by Jillian Michaels so we can give you some inspiration if you do not know how to start with them.

  •  Thera Exercise and stability ball

 This versatile exercise ball can be used to work on posture, balance, basic stability and more. As a certified Pilates instructor quoted,” I personally used this balloon during pregnancy and post-pregnancy workouts to improve strength and flexibility, and I saw children (with the agreement of doctors and physical therapists) use for therapeutic exercises”.

  • SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

Let yourself go, bounce and even slam-happy with these durable balls designed to withstand impacts with almost any surface you would encounter. The textured surface allows a comfortable grip even during difficult activities. It brings me back to my days as a passionate football, lacrosse and basketball player, when I used medicine balloons to build strength and muscular stability.

  • Perform better exercise bands

This popular set of resistance bands includes four bands of varying intensities (yellow = light, green = medium, blue = heavy, black = very heavy). So you can use different ones for different exercises (or keep extras for group exercises). They are super portable in your suitcase when traveling and can be used for upper and lower body workouts.

  • Individual kit gliding discs

 Make workouts more interesting with gliding discs, which create a smooth glide surface for all your upper and lower body workouts. This style has two sides: one that slides on a carpet, the other on hardwood, it adapts to all the spaces of your Home Gym. If you’re a beginner in gliders, discover the movements of the renowned coach, Latreal Mitchell, specially designed for GH readers!

  • Manduka recycled foam yoga block

Many foam blocks may be too viscous, but this lightweight pick is able to provide support thanks to its high-density foam construction. Rounded edges provide greater comfort while maintaining stability or alignment. We found them to be the perfect balance of strength and comfort in a nice package!

  • Hi-Tech Treadmill
  • NordicTrack Commercial 1750

This treadmill includes a one-year subscription to the iFit coaching platform, which offers an extensive library (over 12,000!) Of empowering workouts, as well as the ability to track them live on the 7 “touchscreen You can set up to 4 profiles to track performance to help you stay responsive and motivated during your workout.

  • Trigger Point Grid Roller Foam Roller

Fire at the mark for foam rollers, this roller is able to provide muscle recovery, pain relief, and better flexibility. Its durable construction includes a foam exterior covered with a rigid hollow core that retains its shape and integrity after prolonged use.

  • NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle Exercise Bike

This superb bike is a high tech fitness product.This simple concept bike has a large touchscreen mounted on a high-performance bike allowing you to live in studio classes. Bike monitors calories burned, engine power, distance traveled and cadence (pedaling speed). You can also choose to take a pre-recorded course whenever you want. It includes one year iFit membership.


Good Housekeeping Wellness Lab regularly tests the best fitness trackers and charge 3 is a great all-around choice. It can last a week on a single charge, is designed to be used while swimming, and has a built-in heart rate monitor.

 It’s not the best tracker (even if you can get notifications) or the one that’s best for fitness enthusiasts (no on-board GPS), but it’s a great everyday choice for those looking to track progress of their shape in an elegant format.

  • TRX all-in-one Home Gym set

 This kit includes everything you need for a complete body workout, even if your disk space is limited. This all-in-one set can be used as long as you have access to a door, tree or wall studs. And as you use your own resistance to weight, workouts can easily be customized to your fitness level. Our tests proved that it was very quick to install and that it offered a complete body workout in a few minutes.

  • The original aerobic platform The Step

Ideal for aerobic exercise and strength training, the stage is a staple in gyms across the country. Why not yours? Vary the intensity of the workout by adjusting the risers on this versatile platform. It starts at 4 “from the ground, but up to 6” with two of the elevators, or up to 8 “using the four elevators.Visit Work Health Step Workout to get started.

  • Gaiam yoga Mat

This first-rate choice is great value for money, ideal for those who start their practice at home (or in the studio). We like the choice of many reversible designs and the fact that it offers a particularly soft and pleasant surface for the joints. This mat is available in different designs and colours.

 For a thicker, non-yoga-specific mat, we love the Gaiam yoga Mat exercise mat, ideal for pilates and stretching exercises.

  • EVCR High Waisted Capri Slim Leggings 
  • Our lab GHI Textiles has tested to find the best training leggings with regard to performance attributes such as moisture management, pilling resistance, color resistance, perceived fit, comfort, etc. These leggings must have fitness accessory.


For a larger budget, the best cardio and strength equipment may be the rower. My personal choice is the Concept 2 rowing machine.

Concept 2 rowing machine.

 This machine is present in all the rowing teams and in all the clubs of the world. At $ 945.00, it is not a cheap device, but it provides an effective and complete training of your body and your endurance. The machines are extremely durable and retain their value for years. You can often find used Concept 2 rowers on your local Craigslist in the good sports section.

  • PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

Running is the easiest way to get a great workout anytime and almost anywhere. Running shoes are just about everything you need, and while they may be expensive, new research shows that moderately priced running shoes are as good as expensive shoes. Look for a shoe that suits your type of foot and your style of running.

  • RDX Punching Bag 13 Piece Boxing Set 

Boxing is a sport that requires fitness and resilience like no other. Therefore, anything you can borrow from the boxer’s training program is usually a valuable addition to your workout. The heavy punching bag is the piece of equipment that most people think of when it comes to training for the ring, and for good reason. This RDX package includes everything you need to get started: the sturdy 4-foot bag, a ceiling mount and gloves.

This classic item offers a wide variety of workouts. Just playing as hard as you can will build power, but hitting quickly in intense bursts or slightly on a longer session will result in different but equally demanding cardio workouts. One of the great benefits of this kit at home is that you can easily let off steam after a frustrating day of work without having to go to the gym. However, be sure to install it properly using proper fasteners in a ceiling made of a sufficiently strong material. Otherwise, your ceiling may fall and you will have to stop to hit yourself.

  • Smart Home Trainer 

One way to be profitable is to use what you already have. If your road bike tends to accumulate dust in the winter, then connecting it to a turbo trainer will convert it into an indoor exercise bike suitable for all seasons. The added benefit of this setup is that you will not have to adapt to the delicate geometry of a stand-alone exercise bike.

 The TacX Vortex couples via Bluetooth with an application to control the resistance. TacX’s built-in application has the interesting feature of pairing with the Strava application to import your saved GPS data, so you can simulate your own favorite routes you’ve followed in real life. Or you can use Zwift, of course. With a maximum resistance of 950 Watts, this will give a quality workout to the very good professional cyclist … and removing the wheels from your bike and locking the frame of this smart trainer is also a great performance.

  • Prosource Fit Extra Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s true that you can get a full Home Workout with just empty space and basic workout techniques, such as the Navy Seals Workout or Calisthenics exercises.

In fact, the simple uplift is perhaps the most underrated bodybuilding exercise that does not require any fitness equipment.

The floor area also allows you to do

  • A complete body weight training without fitness equipment
  • A variety of abdominal exercises and basic Home Workout
  • Yoga
  • Mat pilates
  • Drawing
  • Visualization Training
  • Power Fitness Tower
  • Able Fitness Dip Station Chin Up Bar Power Tower

This fitness tower allows you to work your entire body with a number of exercise movements for body weight and features rotating handles that allow the user to perform push-ups.

 Main characteristics:

  • Suitable for use in home gym
  • Inclined cushions provide extra support
  • Reinforced tubular steel frame
  • Goplus Adjustable Foldable Weight Lifting Flat Bench

 This professional-quality lifting bench features different adjustable bench positions that allow you to perform different exercises from different angles for effective total body workout.

 Main characteristics:

  • Squat rack integrated
  • Robust steel frame
  • Includes leg lifting accessories, lat tower and preacher curl

The most important fitness equipment for your Home Gym is you The most important fitness equipment you have in your Home Gym is however your body and your mind. No fitness equipment will make you faster, stronger, or set a new personal best. Whether you have state-of-the-art fitness equipment, or simply have an empty, motivational surface, you will only get results from a Home Workout routine when you do your work with consistency and passion

Best of luck!


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