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11 Workouts When Travelling

Travelling or going on vacation often means forgetting the limits you set in your daily life and letting yourself go in every way. Although no one can tell you that you cannot go to this chocolate factory, this vineyard or this beer festival, you can tell yourself that you have to repair the damage you potentially done to your waist in expansion. While you are in a hurry, why not make it easier to return to reality by preserving your fitness and doing workouts when travelling?

If you are travelling on business, it doesn’t mean you can’t workout when travelling, it is unlikely that you go for walk a lot when you are stuck listening to presentations or work meetings. On the other hand, if you’re travelling for fun, chances are you’ll walk at least 1.5 km a day. Anyway, there is a small chance that you have time to cook for yourself or indulge in eating out, which ultimately means that control of your portion will go through the window.

Whatever the reasons for your trip, these 11 workouts when travelling below will stimulate your heart by incorporating cardio and a few bodyweight movements that will give you the sweat needed to eliminate those extra calories. All you need is yourself, your phone or clock, a little space (maybe some music) and half an hour of your schedule 3 times a week to complete this workout routine.

If you want to know how to burn 1000 calories, please see our 8 workouts that burn 1000 calories article.

11 Workouts When Travelling


This exercise is number 1 of 11 workouts when travelling, you start to warm-up, and you should always alert your muscles slowly and increase your heart rate. The following exercises are simple warm-up exercises for your muscles, but do not hesitate to add other warm-up shoulders or wrist exercises if you feel the need.

11 Workouts When Travelling

1 – Arm spin (1 minute)

11 workouts when travelling is a reasonable goal, you should start by placing one arm on your stomach and lift your hand over your head in the air, lean to one side for 15 seconds and do the same with the other for another 15 seconds stretching it as much as you can. Repeat once.

2 – Stretching arms and legs (30 seconds)

Stretching is important especially when you are doing 11 workouts when travelling and you start with your arms above your head and lower them by lengthening them to make a full circle to your toes keeping your legs straight. If you cannot reach your toes, go as far as you can and start again. Stretch for 15 seconds and lower for 15 seconds.

3 – Pull-up arm and knees (30 seconds)

This exercise is part of the 11 workouts when travelling, you start by standing up, raise your arms against your chest and at the same time, knee against your hips, alternating legs and repeat. No dumbbells required for this one, you should feel it in your triceps and your thighs all the same.

4 – Leg stretching (30 seconds)

By doing 11 workouts when travelling you will maintain a healthy calorie count and fitness level. You begin by standing upright, swing one leg to the side, keeping it straight and as high as possible to stretch your thigh before bringing it back and doing the same with the other leg. Continue to alternate between the legs.

5 – Reaching the sky (30 seconds)

This exercise is part of 11 workouts when travelling, you start standing with your hands on your head and, when you step back, align your foot behind your other leg by lowering your arms. Raise your arms up to the original position before doing the same with the other leg. Repeat as many times as you can.

Rest for 30 seconds or enough to set your stopwatch to 20 minutes or watch your clock before starting the workout. Add 5 minutes for Walking in this workout.

11 Workouts When Travelling


Complete the next circuit as many times as you can within 20 minutes. Take 10 seconds between exercises to give yourself a break or change of position, but remember that you want to keep your heart rate. After a circuit, give yourself a minute of rest before starting a new circuit.

Squat – 1 minute

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This exercise is number 6 of 11 workouts when travelling. You begin by holding the position for the whole minute. Make sure your back is kept straight and your feet are flat on the floor. If you want to challenge yourself, lift and hold your horizontal arms with the floor. If you really want to push yourself, try small jumps in a squatting position keeping your arms apart.

Crunches – 30 seconds

Give your legs a break and wake up your abs by lying on the floor with your legs bent at a 45-degree angle. Place your hands on your chest and lift your body keeping your back straight, just so your wrists touch your knees. Remember to keep your feet firmly on the ground and focus on working the upper abdominal muscles.

Around the world plank x 5

Now that you are on the ground, turn your body so that your chest is facing the ground and in a plank position where your elbows and toes hold your weight. To begin, raise your hand and spread it as if you were looking for something, then put it back in place. Next, lift one leg off the floor by stretching it out before replacing it. Continue with the opposite leg and arm to complete a series.

Incline push up – 30 seconds

Continue facing the ground, holding your body up, your toes, and your hands resting against the edge of a bed or table. Push as much as you can and go as close to your hands as possible. Intensify by holding one hand behind your back to use one hand on which you press your body weight before swapping.

Running man – 30 seconds

Face the ground, place your hands on the ground so that your head is positioned between them. Stand with your legs extended and your toes on the ground and begin by bending one knee at a time and bringing it closer to your chest as if you were running.

Some more equipment free workouts while traveling is here

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 3: This arm challenge also works on your heart, shoulders and back muscles.

 Repeat 3x: • 10 planks up • 10 board side walks • 10 burpees with push-ups • 10 boards with shoulder taps • 10 diamond push-ups • 10 Mountain Mountaineering Twists

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 4: Build stronger glutes with this three-move routine.

Repeat 4x: • Side couplings • One leg bridges • Glabrous bridges with lateral rest – 90 seconds

No squats required for this training.

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 5: Start a busy day with this cardio-breath workout in your hotel room.

10 minutes pinnable cardio morning training

If you are a beginner, do 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest per shot. Intermediate: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest Advanced: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Repeat 2x: • Jumping Rope • Burpee with Push-Up • Squat Jumping • Board Taps • Slit Jumping

Stand on the right side of a bed or a park bench with this 10-minute burner from Los Angeles-based personal trainer Jill Penfold and creator of the 12-week LA Bride Body program.

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 6: You can do this 10-minute workout for the whole body without sweating too much.

Do each movement for 2 minutes and then rest for 30 seconds between movements: • Squats with bodyweight • Push-ups • T-shaped board (change sides after one minute) • Alternate oblique crunches

The perfect routine if you only have 10 minutes (and no more time to get ready again).

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 7: Do this workout if you miss the day of the leg.

Repeat twice: • Folded Squat Pulses with one foot raised – 30 seconds per side • Alternating Side Slots – 30 seconds per side • Skater Hops – 15 seconds • Kicks – 30 seconds per side • Squatting Cup – 30 seconds • Jumps – 15 seconds • Pilates scissors – 30 seconds • Shells – 30 seconds per side

This workout by Exercise Physiology expert Michelle Lovitt, MA, will fire the inside of your thighs. Keep in mind that point training is a myth of fitness. If your goal is muscle definition or fat loss in a particular area, you will need to combine bodybuilding (both this particular muscle group and another), reducing overall body fat and dieting. that contributes to your body. fat loss and muscle building.

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 8: For a heart-centered workout, try this carpet-based routine.

2 sets of 10 repetitions each: • Raise power • Lifting of the leg • Tap on it • Reach of the dog down

This four-movement force circuit targets your core. It was created by KGBody’s Katherine Greiner for the SELF 2016 Six Weeks To Summer Challenge. The movements work the obliques, the abs and the lower back to reveal a strong and sexy stomach.

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 9: If you have more time, try this 20-minute cardio circuit.

Do each movement for 1 minute.

Repeat 4x: • Split Jumps • Wall Sitting with Hands Up • Squatting Jumps • Board Rest – 1 Minute

This SELF Six Weeks in the Summer 2016 workout will make you jump, make boards and sweat.

11 Workouts When Travelling Work Out 10: This ladder routine gives you a new training format to make you sweat.

Air Punches – 30 seconds • 5 Airstrikes Burpees – 30 seconds • 4 Burpees Air Strikes – 30 seconds • 3 Burpees Air Coupons – 30 seconds • 2 Burpees Air Coupons – 30 seconds • 1 Burpees Air Coupons – 30 seconds • 2 Burpees Air Coupons – 30 seconds • 3 Burpees Air Punches – 30 seconds • 4 Burpees Air Punches – 30 seconds • 5 Burpees

11 Workouts When Travelling

11 Workouts When Travelling (11)TAKE YOUR WORKOUT AT THE PARK

Image Credit – Photo by Nancy Bourque from Pexels

If you do not have these practical tools, your best choice is a park to do some of your 11 workouts when travelling. Almost all cities have a park.

We recommend downloading Google Maps, on Google Maps they appear as a broad or a small strip of green land. Once you have found one, you have immediate access to a wide variety of possibilities. A simple playground, for example, is the driving force of fitness. If you are lucky, you may come across parks with their own outdoor gym equipment.

Suspension coaches and weight training at the park would be a good thing, but you can also do sprints, steps or wheels on the grass. I am serious about the last part. Here are some workout ideas: try doing 20-second barefoot sprints on the grass and repeat them 10 times. Or take steps to walk 100 or 200 meters. Or even try this:

  • 10-15 squats of body weight
  • 8-12 push-ups (use your knees if you have to)
  • 20-30 seconds bicycles kicks
  • 20 puppets
  • 12 slots per leg
  • 15-30 second plank
  • No rest between the exercises, 1-minute rest between the sets, repeat for 5 rounds

Better yet, if this park has a playground, because you will probably be able to do push-ups. If you still cannot do the full pulls, make inverted rows or work on negative repetitions, jumping and letting yourself down slowly. These two intermediate exercises help you reach your first workout! And if you are creative enough, you can also incorporate these movements into your training:

Believe it or not, monkey suspension bars can definitely affect your grip strength, your arms, your abs and your back muscles, especially now that you probably have more weight to hold than when you were a kid. In addition, there is a training on the playground that you can do:

The best part is that these fun workouts can accommodate a variety of fitness goals. What matters is how you eat to complete your workouts.


Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

After training, give yourself a few minutes to do some stretching to help your heart slow down. Start by stretching each muscle in your body from head to toe. Hold the position to lengthen your spine and stretch yourself. Try to touch your toes with your legs straight. Do some lateral stretching by placing one arm straight in front of your head and the other on your hip by stretching one side of your belly before doing the same with the other. Stretch your thigh by standing on one foot and holding the other in your hand and holding it for ten seconds before stretching the other. You are now ready to conquer all that your days of travel can bring you.


I would be feel bad if I did not mention that we found gyms from time to time and that we could have a gym session every week as part of our weight training sessions.

What we have learned by looking for gyms around the world is that most of the most popular commercial gyms offer daily packages ranging from $ 25 to $ 30 a day.

Memberships abroad are expensive. we think it really only marks two points: fitness, especially lifting weights, is a niche and often a luxury Combine this with the fact that you are a stranger and you could end up paying over 100 $ per month easily. In some cases, you will not even be able to sign up for a monthly subscription without having a bank account in that country.

If you’re about to go crazy because you need a gym, you can do a simple Google search. It is not a bad idea to ask the locals. Public gyms are open to everyone, or sometimes only to residents of this area. These alternatives are a much cheaper option, whether you want a daily or monthly pass.

 If you are travelling to the United States, check with the local parks and recreation department or visit the city’s website (such as this one in Edmonton, Canada, New York, or Chicago, Illinois) for more information on public gyms, fitness centres, community colleges or community centres.


Certainly, travelling and playing sports can be very difficult to balance but these simple 11 workouts when travelling plan we have compiled makes it easy dor you. Uncertainties about what’s available and what’s going on in local areas can allow you just to access a park and have a workout. Of course, if you want to play sports, depending on the sport you may need to plan everything before your trip and have it all organized beforehand.

The good news is that the biggest bump in your arms, your slimmer waist, your finest clothes, or your super strength like Hulk arms will not go that fast. Studies show when your fitness starts to decline vary depending on what you do as a workout (running or lifting weights) and the duration of your workout. Most think that the beginning of the deformity is about four weeks for the dumbbells and two weeks for the cardio, but that supposes that you sit without doing anything and that you refuse to do something else to the letter. If you have been training for a long time, it may take longer than that.

 But do not worry, it’s easy to recover everything you’ve lost once you’ve resumed your exercises, because “muscle memory” and all that.

However, it may not even be necessary to return if you are dedicated. In fact, it is possible to travel and train steadily, without a gym, and to become stronger.It is difficult and you will need all the motivation and energy you can muster. Just set your goals and workout on a daily basis.

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